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Mon Dec 6 20:03:39 CST 2004

              But Roger said he fucking hates computers!
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> >>Sorry, I got it wrong again. I'm thinking the pages aren't a good 
> >reference--maybe the numbers shift as more folks sign, or something like 
> >that. Anyhow, Roger's name is entry#633. 
> >thank you got it... is it really Roger? :) 
> I have no idea. Like I said, I do see some names in the list that are 
> obvious jokes, so this one could be, too. However, it could also be legit. 
> The bad thing about the Internet is that anyone can pretend to be anyone 
> else, but, one nice thing about the Internet is that celebrities can surf 
> around anonymously. I wouldn't be surprised if it was really Roger who left 
> his name there. 
> keets 
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