Who are You video and WGFA on radio

Sroundtable at aol.com Sroundtable at aol.com
Mon Dec 6 13:09:18 CST 2004

I downloaded a bizare Who are You video of The Who in a studio with Kenney on 
drums.  It's not at all produced.  It is 3 minutes of them just playing the 
song raw with fuck-ups and all.  The young Rabbit is there, also.  If anyone 
knows where this came from I'd be interested to know.  If you have an e-mail 
server that takes large files, I can send it to you (about 30 megabytes).

Additionally, I woke up to WGFA on our local Baton Rouge classic rock 
station, and it was certainly a post-2000 live version.  It sounded great, so I doubt 
it's from one of the Encore CDs, but it didn't sound like RAH 2000 b/c I 
didn't hear Noel Gallagher's guitar.  Could The Who have released a produced 
version of WGFA from 2002 or 2004 as maybe an inclusion to fill out the new album?


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