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> All true.  Lots of lyrics in that one.  Even *I* mess up the pronouns 
> sometimes
> when I'm singing it to myself (or out loud!) - especially the line "Sally 
> still
> carries a scar on her cheek to remind her of his smile."  But honestly, I 
> can't
> recall too many versions where Roger flubs the lyrics.
> Moon really makes the song for me.  I like the muted, pitter-patter, tom-tom
> drumming he employs for most of the song &how he explodes with everything 
> unleashed at the end.  That always gives me goosebumps.

Best version of Sally?  From the Tommy movie.  Pete sings the narration and 
Roger sing's Tommy's part.  The intesity of Roger's voice when Tommy "takes the 
stage" is something special, and it works so perfectly with the contrast to 
Pete's voice.


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