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Mon Dec 6 10:52:16 CST 2004

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> One  verse [of Pure and Easy].  That's all I'm saying.  Cut out one verse.
Tighten that > baby up!

Nah, Neil's right.  Give us a 13 minute, extended jam version!

> But honestly, I can't recall too many versions [of Sally Simpson] where
Roger flubs the > lyrics.

> Moon really makes the song for me.  I like the muted, pitter-patter,
> drumming he employs for most of the song & how he explodes with everything
> unleashed at the end.  That always gives me goosebumps.

Well, now you've made me do it.  Turns out I only have two versions of the
song, anyway.  Leeds and Amsterdam '69.  I listened to them both on my way
to work this morning.

Let's just say that, of the two Sallys, Sally Leeds is far prettier than
Sally Holland.  Leeds' lyrics are sung correctly and Moon lets loose near
the end, as you describe.  The problems with the Amsterdam version start
when John & Pete screw up their "She knew from the start" part.  They come
in early, stop and then start over.  That might have flustered Roger,
becasue he then sings, "Err ummm daa daa daaa Gospel music by nine."  Later
on he messes up another line, "Her amb...uhh...Ambulance men had to carry
her out that night."  But that's not the problem.  The problem is that,
because the whole band is feeling their way through the song tentatively,
you don't get the step up in intensity in drums and vocals at the "sixteen
stitches" verse that you get on the album and, to a lesser extent, the Leeds

So, I have to admit, while the Amsterdam version is just dreadful, it's only
one version.  Are there other versions out there I should know about?  I
guess I forgot about the '89 versions.

> And interestingly, they shelved [Boris] for the '69'-'70 shows; maybe
> to make room for other such pop gems as "I'm A Boy" & "Happy Jack."

Is that tounge in cheek?  I thought those two songs worked *great* live.

Jim M

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