Pure and Easy Boris the Spider....

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at vtmednet.org
Mon Dec 6 08:25:20 CST 2004

>From: "Jim M" <NakedI at comcast.net>
>Subject: Re: Better Off Not Live
>Still haven't seen my posts from 4 days ago.

Nor have we!  ;-)

>> "Pure & Easy" could do with some editing.  It's too long.  I'm
>> all versions.  Studio & live.
>Let's ask Kevin what he thinks of that statement.  Ohhh, Kevin?

Too long? Size *does* matter! I'd personally love to jump from the my
27' up to a nice 35 footer or something.
Oh, wait....
We're talking music, not sailboats.
P&E is perfect.
Too long?  Blaspheme!

I particularly like the WN DVD where Pete is playing P&E live on his
piano, and then it kicks into the studio version and accompanying video
of Woodstock footage.  Give you that Who-juice for a few moments there.

The song isn't what I would call "powerful", but it does have it's
There are some really good live versions out there that simply kick
I believe one is on the WN Deluxe CD.

>I guess it just seemed silly to me when I first heard a live version in
'82, and kind of boring, musically.  I've got no >problem with novelty 
>but this one tried to become more than that.

Yeah, Bo-is De Spide-a is kind of silly, and I've kind of thought about
it the same as you.
But, I've always been struck by how much fans loved it live.
I always thought it was cool how fans loved such a silly song, because
it was John's.
The love for John that was shown during BTS made the song live.

Kevin in VT

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