Better Off Not Live

Scott Schrade schrade at
Sun Dec 5 10:54:28 CST 2004

> Is anybody else having this problem?

One of my posts went MIA, too.

> > And I'll make the same argument for "Sister Disco."   
> I'd like to see this one make a comeback.

Oooh!  Me, too!

> > "Pure & Easy" could do with some editing.  It's too long.  I'm talking all
> > versions.  Studio & live.
> Let's ask Kevin what he thinks of that statement.  Ohhh, Kevin?

One  verse.  That's all I'm saying.  Cut out one verse.  Tighten that baby up!

> > >  Sally Simpson
>  Without pulling out CDs to confirm, my problem is that it seems like Roger
> always screws up the lyrics.  It's not his fault.  There are just too many
> pronouns (I count 13 in the first verse and chorus alone)!  He, her, she,
> his, him... It all gets rather confusing.  Then add in all the 'sss' and
> 'sh' sounds and it's a very difficult song to sing.  I also don't think I've
> heard Roger sing the "Sixteen stitches..." line with the same anger as on
> the record.  It's so hard to remember the words, I think he gets tentative
> in his delivery.  I always look forward to Sally when I listen to the Tommy
> album, but cringe when I hear a live version.

All true.  Lots of lyrics in that one.  Even *I* mess up the pronouns sometimes
when I'm singing it to myself (or out loud!) - especially the line "Sally still
carries a scar on her cheek to remind her of his smile."  But honestly, I can't
recall too many versions where Roger flubs the lyrics.

Moon really makes the song for me.  I like the muted, pitter-patter, tom-tom
drumming he employs for most of the song & how he explodes with everything 
unleashed at the end.  That always gives me goosebumps.

> > > Boris the Spider  
> I guess it just seemed silly to me when I first heard a live version in
> '82, and kind of boring, musically.  I've got no problem with novelty 
> records, but this one tried to become more than that.

It is a bit of a throw-away song but I thought they usually played it well.
Like "Magic Bus," it got this reputation as being a crowd favorite.  Plus, I
think it provided nice humorous contrast to some of the more serious songs
in the set.  And interestingly, they shelved it for the '69'-'70 shows; maybe
to make room for other such pop gems as "I'm A Boy" & "Happy Jack."

- SCHRADE in Akron

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