Better Off Not Live

Jim M NakedI at
Fri Dec 3 21:08:53 CST 2004

Still haven't seen my posts from 4 days ago.  Let's try again...
Is anybody else having this problem?  I saw some people mentioning list 
problems when I scanned the IGTC Celtics archives a couple of days ago.

----- Original Message ----- From: "Scott Schrade"

> And I'll make the same argument for "Sister Disco."  (Although some
> may disagree.)  Another decent live number for a song which doesn't
> seem like it would transfer easily to the stage.

I'd like to see this one make a comeback.

> "Pure & Easy" could do with some editing.  It's too long.  I'm talking all
> versions.  Studio & live.

Let's ask Kevin what he thinks of that statement.  Ohhh, Kevin?

> >  Sally Simpson
> OK, but I've heard some pretty rousing live versions from around '69.
> Moon used to do this build up & explode on the last verse.  And I don't
> know if you've ever heard the version on the TOMMY REHEARSALS
> boot - that's good, too.

 Without pulling out CDs to confirm, my problem is that it seems like Roger
always screws up the lyrics.  It's not his fault.  There are just too many
pronouns (I count 13 in the first verse and chorus alone)!  He, her, she,
his, him... It all gets rather confusing.  Then add in all the 'sss' and
'sh' sounds and it's a very difficult song to sing.  I also don't think I've
heard Roger sing the "Sixteen stitches..." line with the same anger as on
the record.  It's so hard to remember the words, I think he gets tentative
in his delivery.  I always look forward to Sally when I listen to the Tommy
album, but cringe when I hear a live version.

> > Boris the Spider (I'm sure I'll take some flak for that one)

> Well, are you saying that it didn't always work out on stage?  I thought
> they usually pulled this one off pretty well.

I guess it just seemed silly to me when I first heard a live version in
 '82, and kind of boring, musically.  I've got no problem with novelty 
but this one tried to become more than that.

Jim M 

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