Getting in Tune...

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Tue Aug 31 11:36:07 CDT 2004

>Cindy McConnell 
>Getting in Tune...
>>For a man his age to undertake this sort of change, the time lifting
>>exercising, is a real commitment.  What's driving this?  
>My opinion on what's driving Pete; It's Rachel! She's made Pete a very
>man and he want's to look good and be in good shape for her. Go Rachel!

Pete getting in shape just for a girl??

Guess we'll have to go with Ocams Razon on this one.
Damn, all that thinking and it's the obvious love of a woman that makes
the most sense.

>Jim M NakedI 
>Getting in Tune...
>> WOW!
>> A *MONSTROUS* scissor jump by Pete!
>Pete's amazing for such an old bugger, no doubt, but the still photo's
>much more impressive than the video clips.

Yeah, I first noticed that while watching IOW for the first time.

>For some reason the same jump
>looks much higher, much more athletic, when it's "frozen and timeless."

But I'm comparing him to some of his 2000 and even late '89 shots.
His vertical leap seems to have gotten much more aggressive and
Maybe it's a 'trick of the light'.
But, I don't think so!

>Has he talked about working out or are we inferring all that from some

I haven't heard him talk about it, but his arms are *clearly* tighter
and stronger than earlier in his career.  Like twice as big (picture
Keith making fun of Pete in TKAA).  I'd say even more so than just 2000.
And, his torso seems to be tighter too.
All this touring takes energy and burns fat and calories!

>I always
>laughed at the thought of Pete working out.

He must have aggression to burn.

Kevin in VT

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