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Mon Aug 30 12:25:47 CDT 2004

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A *MONSTROUS* scissor jump by Pete!
'How-Old Are You', again? (rhetorical question)

Pete's obviously hitting weights, both upper and lower body.
That and some hard aerobic work.

I remember watching the early 2000 shows where Pete pulled off a double
leg back scratcher jump and could barely get his feet back under him.
4 years later and he looks and jumps like he's 10-20 years younger.

For a man his age to undertake this sort of change, the time lifting and
exercising, is a real commitment.  What's driving this?  
Just working off steam?
Leave some steam for the new music!
Does Pete feel like he needs to carry the band, and thus better be up to
the job?
You're backed by great musicians, Pete, let us hear them!

My take...
Pete's in training for the last big fight.
The fight with the music industry.
To take the industry by the horns with The Who's next work.
You don't go into something like the first album in over 20+ years half
He's getting in Tune.

Man, that's inspiring.

Go Pete!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin in VT

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