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> "Sometimes the artist isn't feeling the vibe from the audience,"
> Strasburg said. "I remember when Gregory Isaacs played the Fox Theatre
> (in Boulder) and he's notorious for short shows, and we had him at a
> 75-minute set and he walked off after 48 minutes. I went to the dressing
> room and told him he had to get back onstage or else there would be some
> issues."

See, this is why people get so pissed off.  I argue with my bandmates about 
this all the time.  Regardless if there are 2 people or 20,000 or there's 
"vibe" or not, the people who are there paid their admission and are entitled to 
the best a performer can give (within reason).  The "vibe" from the crowd will 
affect the quality of the performance in either inspiring the performer to do 
more, or just do an average performance- but making sets shorter based on the 
crowd (unless they are pelting one with food- dessicated egg or sliced 
tomaaaato) is pretty unconscionable.  One of our guitarists compains that he can't get 
into a show if the crowd isn't large and into it.  I say, you better act like 
you're into it, because these people paid to see a quality show, not a phoned 
in one.  

This is where The Who surpasses all others.  Even bad Who shows are filled 
with fire and energy.  There are still jumps and windmills and mic swinging and 
strutting even on bad nights, and they play for two hours (at least the two 
shows I saw- with HB going beyond that).


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