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L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 29 22:05:15 CDT 2004

>well, "badlands" I thought sounded like "if not for you" by bob dylan (also
recorded by george harrison on "all things must pass"). at least the riff
anyway. "badlands" came out on springsteen's "darkness on the edge of town" 
in 1978 and "it's hard", i'm sure you know, came out in 1982. so you do the

>I remember reading thewhothismonth.com like about a year ago and it 
that pete was considering hiring songwriters for the next who album after
"it's hard" and amongest the suggestions was springsteen. and someone 
pointed out
already that the piano on "old red wine" sounds alot like the "darkness"
title track. pete's in love with that album or what?

There is no creativity in a vacuum.  Everybody gets their ideas from 
somewhere, and I'd guess artists feed off one another's work all the time.  
Didn't it come out recently that Dylan took material from a novel, almost to 
the point of plagiarism?

Anyhow, if Pete is looking to update The Who's sound, what better way than 
to look around at currently successful groups?  I did mention in a couple of 
places that I think the music for the new songs sounds very contemporary.  
It's just a matter of fitting it to Roger's voice.  :)


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