Ross Halfin site with photos

L. Bird pkeets at
Sun Aug 29 20:31:54 CDT 2004

Excerpt from Ross Halfin's diary about the Shoreline show.  Were you guys 
that bad?   ;)

Anyhow, Ross has got some great Who pics up on his site, and a few more, 
along with the entries, in his diary.  Here are some links:

>Spent a hard day at the pool. Fly up to Shoreline. Same place as the 
>Ozzfest. Nice low stage but not very good to shoot as you seem to be on top 
>of the band. Can't quite work out where the place is. Last week flew into 
>San Francisco today into San Jose. It's still a long drive once you land 
>either way...boring backstage why people think it is fun is beyond me. Fly 
>back with The Who straight after the show. Apart from Pete who has his own 
>plane....As I didn't enjoy shooting the gig, couldn't work out if it was a 
>good show or not. The Ozzfest audience were young and out of their brains. 
>The Who audience were older and even more wasted. It looked like a lot of 
>older people released from a mental institution having seizures or 
>electro-shock therapy. Apart from the very front row which had a beautiful 
>young Thai girl and a group of Thai guys with her...all young. What they 
>were doing in the midst of this I have no idea!!

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