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> I think if it wasn't 
> for the who, there wouldn't be a Led zeppelin. which band had the frontman 
> with 
> the big blonde curly hair first? think about it. 

And the open chested shirt, and the bell bottom jeans, and the necklace, and 
the huge buckled belt, etc, etc.  Plant ripped off Daltrey's entire stage 
personna.  I'm surprised he didn't swing the mic, too.  His stage strut was even 
similar to Daltrey.  I'm actually a Zeppelin fan, and view their studio work as 

BUT, I think they are somewhat overrated as a live act.  Their act lacked 
energy.  There was plenty of drama and emotion, I suppose, but I don't think any 
of their performances could compare to even the worst Who show.  In addition, 
Plant was a big wimp when it came to his live vocals.  He regularly copped out 
on the tough notes and rearranged the vocals to safer territory.  Daltrey 
actually tried TOUGHER notes and pitches live than in studio.  Hell, even today 
he only sings different notes in the spots where he physically can't get there 
anymore (see Baba O'Riley).  I mean, he was 59 and writing Bargain into the 
set for a whole tour.  THAT'S balls (if not necessarily brains).  Punk and the 
Godfather?  There are some really hard portions of that, yet Daltrey chose it 
for the 2004 tour.  Balls, my friends, balls.  And he steps up and goes for it, 
even if he isn't right on all the time anymore.  I respect the hell out of 
him for that.


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