Metzger's missing garbage display...

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Fri Aug 27 23:36:54 CDT 2004

Also made it onto the Keith Oberman report tonight.  For anyone who doesn't 
recall, Metzger was Pete's early inspriation for autodestructive art:

Repost from TheShout:

LONDON (AFP) - There are those who argue that most modern art is rubbish, 
but few critics take the view as literally as a cleaner at one of Britain's 
most prestigious galleries.

Faced with a large plastic bag filled with newspaper, cardboard and other 
similar items, the cleaner at London's Tate Britain failed to spot that it 
formed a part of a work by German artist Gustav Metzger, a report said 

Metzger's "Recreation of the First Public Demonstration of Auto Destructive 
Art", first created in 1960, features the bag propped up next to a table, 
behind which is hung a large, abstract painting.

Spotting the bag, the cleaner dispatched it to the dustbin, before curators 
later realised the mistake and rescued it, The Times newspaper said.

"A cleaner doing her rounds saw the bag of rubbish on the floor and threw it 
out with the rest of the trash. It wasn't roped off -- how was she to know 
what it was supposed to be?" a Tate "insider" told the newspaper.

Although the bag was retrieved, 78-year-old Metzger declared it too badly 
damaged and provided a replacement, which should be safer.

"We have briefed all staff. It's now covered at night so it can't be 
removed," a gallery spokesman told the paper.

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