Whotabs site updates

litgo litgo at aol.com
Fri Aug 27 23:07:28 CDT 2004

Here's what's new at Whotabs:

Tablature updates

    * Happy Jack (bass) ~ new

Site and information updates

    * Updated Pete's Equipment:
          o Fender Bandmaster amplifier ~ new
          o 1964 Fender Bassman amplifier ~ new
          o 1964 Fender Pro "head" amplifier ~ new
          o Gretsch 6128 Duo Jet guitar ~ new
          o Vox AC-100 amplifier ~ new
          o Vox Thomas Organ Super Beatle amplifier ~ new
          o 1967 Vox Cheetah V267 guitar ~ new
          o Gibson ES-335 guitar ~ new
          o Gibson ES-345 guitar ~ new
          o Gibson ES-355 guitar ~ new
          o Fender Electric XII guitar ~ new
          o Gibson Les Paul "Black Beauty" guitar ~ new
          o Updated Gibson SG Special page ~ Upcoming Christie's auction 
of 1963 Polaris White Gibson SG Special
          o Updated Pete's Signature Series page ~ new Gibson SJ-200 
Limited signature model.
    * Updated Keith's Drum Equipment section:
          o Early Kits
          o 1966 Premier double kit ~ full revision
          o Premier Pictures of Lily kit ~ updated technical details and 
          o Premier Silver kit ~ including upcoming Christie's auction 
of five pieces of Keith's silver Premier kit
          o Premier black kit/gold kit ~ new photos and details of 
studio kit
          o Zickos kit ~ new photos
          o Premier cream kit ~ added photos and Premier Lokfast ad
          o Borrowed kits ~ new borrowed kits and details
    * Updated John's Bass Equipment section (in Equipment Index) ~ 
Updates to:
          o 1960-1966 ~ new photos
          o 1967-1971 ~ new photos
          o 1971-1974 ~ new photos
    * Updated Who PA/Foldback page
    * Minor site and navigation redesign
          o Revised site map

Whotabs is at http://www.thewho.net/whotabs/



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