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It is said that Bowie is up on how to run his franchise he knows how to make 
the money. Still I love his music. He is a great entertainer. And at least 
he is not losing money on what he has earned for himself.
But still some places it just is over board. Not every one can afford it. 
And the band sites are really nice to just click on for any one. They keep 
you up to date on what is going on with the band and more.

>I would agree about the paying for a website membership.  After buying 7 
>David Bowie tickets, I still only got a single 3 month "free" membership!
>I would have thought that would at least pay for a year and 3 quarters!
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>But to get all those do we want to pay a membership? Not me. I still like
>Pete's site.
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