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St. Louis rockers channel The Who's "Vol."
Album Review
By Travis Petersen
Published: Friday, August 27, 2004

Shame Club
For fans of: The Who, Thin Lizzy, Van Morrison
Grade: A-
Final Word: Local boys make good 
Download this song: "Black Moon"

The second self-released album from local rockers
Shame Club, "Vol.", is a slight departure from the
first. Their debut featured heavy, fuzzed-out riffs,
with songs constructed around headbanging guitar. This
time around, the emphasis is on melody, the songs
built around vocal lines and catchy choruses. The
result is a disc that should expand the band's
fanbase, adding pop elements while still remaining
true to their hard rock roots.

There are elements of grunge, Southern rock and punk
in Shame Club's sound, but the aspect of their sound
they appear to explore the most on this album is the
large, expansive sound of The Who, circa "Tommy" and
"Who's Next." Each song has rumbling, Keith Moon-style
drumming and big power chords. This influence comes
across the most on one of the disc's best tracks, the
closing number, "Kit Lambert" - named for The Who's
manager, in case anyone didn't catch the reference.

The album's other standout is the pure pop song "Black
Moon." A vocal line reminiscent of Van Morrison's
"Wild Night" floats over more Townshend power chords
and rock solid drums. Harmonies enter at just the
right places. In a just world this would be a hit, but
it's probably not polished enough for modern rock
radio or artsy enough for college radio. Maybe the
classic rock stations will pick up on it.

The most disappointing thing about the album is its
running time. The album features only nine songs,
clocking in at about a half an hour. Maybe next time
around, the Shame Club will make their epic.

-Brian in Atlanta
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