Thu Aug 26 22:18:41 CDT 2004

y know, I was somewhat pissed that the who's set was cut by a blackout in the 
broadcast and yet zeppelin's set was shown in its entirety. like God playing 
a cruel joke, you might say. but check it out, the who are on the DVD, even if 
it is just two songs, and zeppelin are NOwhere. in the words of beavis and 
butt-head, "that RULES!" 
i've nothing against Led zeppelin at all, but y know, they're usually 
overrated while the who are sometimes left in the dark whereas I think if it wasn't 
for the who, there wouldn't be a Led zeppelin. which band had the frontman with 
the big blonde curly hair first? think about it. 

and I agree that it's a shame that "the waiting" was cut. my fav petty song. 

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