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Thu Aug 26 21:59:16 CDT 2004

> Wembley.


I'm not a sports fan, and it's been at least ten years
since I've seen the video. I was close.

> At Wembley, the screens went out during MG and PW.
The only power loss was for the broadcast signal radio
and video.

Ah. So the cameras TAPING the show should have still
been online. I doubt seriously they were taping from
the broadcast...more likely the broadcast was farther
up in the "loop." Unless they were doing it completely
different than the standard method, the cameras would
go to a director's booth who would pick the feed to
broadcast. The cameras should each have their own
taped picture.

> That's why this release won't stop boot sales.

Well, I acknowledge you as the Boot Master but some of
us regular folk aren't in an area where retailers
think boots are anything but something Doctor Marten
invented. I DID tape the entire thing, but (alas and
alack) on Beta. Someday I'll find someone who can fix

> who "now sing to save a third."  Thunderous
applause. Thunderous.


Well, Jack's a popular fellow...

> "Why don't ya all.......," the TV feed dies.

Actually, it went "Why don't you all(LOUD BUZZING
STATIC)..." then Mark Goodman apologizing and making
lame jokes.

> The MTV VJs scramble to
fill the time.  A 17-year-old Schrade can't fucking
believe it.

Yes...well, we know it was all that moke Mark
Goodman's fault for saying nothing had gone wrong.

> Er......Wembley?

Why should I care? WHY should I CARE...

> I'll be proven wrong if WGFA on the DVD isn't

And it will mean the other stuff could be
In fact, we'll know if the DVD is edited differently
than the broadcast would mean the tapes of
the show exist and were recut for the release, right?

> audience at Live Aid *needed* The Who to channel all
their emotions.

Yeah...Phil Collins just wasn't cutting it.

I AM pissed that they left off my all-time favorite
version of The Waiting by Tom Petty. Bastards!

"Of all states that understands local control of
schools, Iowa is such a state."
            George "suckup" Bush

Cheers         ML

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