Hollywood Bowl

Jdtr006 at aol.com Jdtr006 at aol.com
Thu Aug 26 20:36:43 CDT 2004

Hi Larry! Sorry it took awhile to get back to you. We got back here, had a 
million things to catch up on and then took off for Virginia beach with the 
kids. Just getting back again. I had my seat messed up, we were actually on the 
left side of Roger. You have to send me a PIC of that tattoo, I would love to 
see it. I am working on getting up a website of the show with the PICS and 
video. I will let you all know on igtc when it is ready. Wish you could have made 
it to the pre-show. It was really a good time and the band was great. Take 
care, keep in touch and I will let you know when the site is ready with the 
If you do send me a PIC of the tattoo, can I include it in the web PICS?

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