Scott Schrade schrade at
Thu Aug 26 17:25:40 CDT 2004

> They had power to perform. 

Right.  The Who *played* their four songs that day.  It was the television
feed that went down, not the power at the venue.  I taped The Who's set
that day (among others) & I watch it every couple of years to keep it
fresh in my memory. (?)  Here's what happened:

The Who are introduced as a band that spoke for two generations &
who "now sing to save a third."  Thunderous applause. Thunderous.

They bound on stage & right away Entwistle has problems with his bass.
In short, it doesn't work.  After a few minutes, he gets a new one.

They launch into "My Generation" & ironically, right when Roger sings,
"Why don't ya all.......," the TV feed dies.  The MTV VJs scramble to
fill the time.  A 17-year-old Schrade can't fucking believe it.

Bang!  The TV feed comes back!  But the band is just finishing "Pinball
Wizard!"  They then play LROM.

Then WGFA starts.  Crowd going crazy.  Little do people remember
but the TV feed *again* went out during WGFA.  Just for a few seconds
this time.  Which means the version on this upcoming DVD set *should*
contain an edited version of WGFA.  (I remember Dick Clark hosted
a Live Aid special later that evening where WGFA was featured, & it 
was edited a bit to take out the few seconds the feed was lost.)

Yeah, then at the end of WGFA Pete tries to get his leg over, so-to-speak,
& winds up flat on his back.  You don't really see him lying there; you
see him attempt to kick his leg over the mic stand & then disappear from
the camera frame.  But it was obvious he went down.

Then! the camera moves away from the quickly vacated Pete
frame, Daltrey is seen sliding towards the front of the stage *on his back* 
& popping up real quick & playing it off.  It's as if they both fell within 
seconds of each other!  Weird.

> Wimbleton?


> So someone had some power somewhere. Some recording
> equipment was working.

Audio, yes, most likely.  But video.....?  If the TV feed went down com-
pletely then maybe *all* recordings of the video were fucked, too.
I'll be proven wrong if WGFA on the DVD isn't edited.  But I think it
will be.  LROM was the only complete song to go out over the airwaves.

Despite the glitches, what I saw seemed like a decent Who mini-set
& not a complete cock-up.  Daltrey's voice was shaky on LROM
but WGFA was stirring & powerful.  Like the CFNY concert, the
audience at Live Aid *needed* The Who to channel all their emotions.

- SCHRADE in Akron

"Origins" is coming to PBS Sept. 28.

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