Bruce bkawak at
Thu Aug 26 17:12:17 CDT 2004

> They had power to perform. Or...which stadium do you
> mean? Wimbleton?

> > Someone I know who was in the crowd said the screens
> at the stadium went blank during MG and PW.
> They did over here...but did they at Wimbley?

At Wembley, the screens went out during MG and PW.
The only power loss was for the broadcast signal radio and video.

> > Pinball Wizard was broadcast on radio only.
> So someone had some power somewhere. Some recording
> equipment was working.

Yes,  radio was back online sooner than the video.

 From what I've got on videotape (a bit
> less than 17 hours, with the waiting bits plus a
> shitload of commercials), there's not a LOT left
> missing. Just enough to annoy those of us who'd like
> it all.

That's why this release won't stop boot sales.


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