Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Thu Aug 26 10:10:37 CDT 2004

> There is no video anywhere from the time of the
power outtage during My
Generation to the end of Pinball Wizard.  The outtage
was at the stadium itself.


They had power to perform. Or...which stadium do you
mean? Wimbleton?

> Someone I know who was in the crowd said the screens
at the stadium went blank during MG and PW.

They did over here...but did they at Wimbley?

> Pinball Wizard was broadcast on radio only.

So someone had some power somewhere. Some recording
equipment was working.

> Zep have refused use of any of their set as they
consider it sub par.

I know, but what do I care what Zep wants? They were
what they were that day, and I'll never forget the
classic struggle of man vs machine, that is to say
Page vs the cymbal stand. That moment should be
perserved forever on DVD.

> That would be something like 10-12 DVDs whose cost
would put it out of reach of just about everyone the
cost of making it and selling it.

Well...considering they cut out the waiting bits, and
they can get 3+ hours on a DVD without losing quality
(like the Sopranos DVD boxed set, on which most discs
features 4 50 minute episodes plus extras), I'd say
adding one more disc to what's currently being offered
would do it. From what I've got on videotape (a bit
less than 17 hours, with the waiting bits plus a
shitload of commercials), there's not a LOT left
missing. Just enough to annoy those of us who'd like
it all.

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available, they're affordable, and their curriculums
don't get stuck."
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