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Jim M NakedI at comcast.net
Thu Aug 26 09:10:37 CDT 2004

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> Did anybody here mention that Pete apparently co-wrote one of the songs on
> Rachel's new cd?  Also, he reportedly plays both acoustic and electric
> guitar.  I haven't heard the cd myself, but this is what's being reported
> other lists.

I was going to mention that I went into Barnes & Noble the other day and
they have these new machines to preview music.  Instead of the old ones that
let you listen to half a dozen different CDs at each station, these let you
scan any CD and get samples.  I got to a "featured artist" page and Rachel's
new CD was mentioned prominently.  I chose it to listen to a sample and the
first one was a spoken introduction by the artist.  She's got a really heavy
London accent of the pseudo-Cockney variety that has been so trendy for the
last ten years or so.  I only listened to enough of the music (ten seconds
or so) to know it's not really my cup of tea.  But I'm glad she's getting
some publicity.  I just tried to find something similar on the B&N website
and couldn't see anything, though.

Jim M

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