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FYI: From what I have heard over the years, the Queen set is generally regarded as the top performance of Live Aid, and it was kind of a peak for them that turned into a mini comeback until Freddie died. I personally remember it as incredible. Who-wise, I must say that even though you could tell they were rusty, I thought it was more inspired than the other performances of the Kenney era that I saw. Especially funny was Pete falling over as he tried to get his leg over the mic stand after WGFA, then Roger joining in by kind of doing a somersault or something (I don't remember clearly, it was almost 20 years ago!). The UK finale was good too with Pete and McCartney hoisting Geldoff on their shoulders (again, I may remember this a little inaccurately).

-Chris in Cleveland

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well, let's put it this way. zeppelin are not on the DVD at all. would you 
rather have two songs by the who than no who at all? 

PS: screw you, Queen are awesome. ; )
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