After the Moon

skorejr at skorejr at
Thu Aug 26 08:08:09 CDT 2004

I've come out of lurkdom.... motivated by my desire to burn a Who disk on  my new CD-R player, and share the results of my first 'work'----a mix of tunes from the post-Moon era Who:
"The Who: After the Moon (1980-2004)"
You Better You Bet
Daily Records
Another Tricky Day
Don't Let Go
Its In You
One at a Time
Cry if You Want 
One Life's Enough
Emminence Front 
Its Your Turn
Dig (Live '89)
Saturday Night is Allright
After the Fire (Live '99)
Real Good Looking Boy
Old Red Wine 
With the songs as listed, the disk runs just under 80 minutes. This compilation provides me with just the right dose of the post Moon Who material, and the songs flow together pretty well---the new Who2 tracks seem to fit in better here than with  the 60's classics on "Then and Now". Burn a copy and turn it up!

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