Bruce bkawak at
Wed Aug 25 16:27:58 CDT 2004

> That shouldn't matter; there are songs in the playlist
> not broadcast (on MTV, anyway). There are some
> performances that overlapped but are listed, so
> filming must have been going on in both locations. If
> ANYTHING any missing material would be from the US,
> since from the playlist this looks like a British
> release.

There is no video anywhere from the time of the power outtage during My
Generation to the end of Pinball Wizard.  The outtage was at the stadium
itself. Someone I know who was in the crowd said the screens at the stadium
went blank during MG and PW.  Pinball Wizard was broadcast on radio only.

> I'd still like to have it. And the Zeppelin. Why not
> just give it all to us?

Zep have refused use of any of their set as they consider it sub par.

The entire day. I understand
> some of the performances weren't top notch (I've got
> it on videotape), but that's the way it happened,
> so...let's present history as it actually happened.

That would be something like 10-12 DVDs whose cost would put it out of reach
of just about everyone the cost of making it and selling it.


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