Rabbit Diary...WHO TOUR 2004 - RAB ANECDOTE

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at vtmednet.org
Wed Aug 25 07:36:57 CDT 2004

> 23 August, 18:05 WHO TOUR 2004 - RAB ANECDOTE Written on 2004-08-21 19:12:51, 401 views. 
> WHO TOUR 2004 - RAB ANECDOTE Well, well, I must say...........so much for my modesty.  One night in the Sunset Marquis Hotel in L.A.,  I was in my room, grooving to my demo's, but  somewhat missing the guys in the band at the same time,  so I decided that while my 'groove' was in full swing,  that I would pop down to their room and check out what's  happenin'. I arrived at Pino's room to find him and  Paco having a deep chat, most likely about something  I know nothing about, and Pino said that the others  were downstairs in the bar, so I proceeded down to the  bar to check out the happenin' scene.  When I walked in, everyone in the bar, including  Zak, and his daughter Tash and some of her mates,  Simon T. and Sy Langston, and a bar full of people  I didn't know, all looked at me in shock and horror.  Cause, when I started on this little escapade I forgot  one very important thing.........to get dressed..........  All I had on my person was a pair of shorts and  nothing else. Zak and Simon blurted,  "Rab, you're not on the drink again are you?"  All were laughing, and I said, "Hell no guys,  ya'll know I don't drink.".......Simon said,  "Yeah but Rab, you got nothing on but your shorts.  What's up.?"...I explained the groove I was  experiencing, and as Zak and Simon both took  me by one arm each and escorted me out of the bar,  the bar man came up and said, "I'm afraid you'll  have to leave the bar. We don't allow 'barefeet'  in the bar."..............ha........ha.......ha  never mind the rest of me being totally naked,  apart from my shorts.........ha..........ha  Zak and Simon walked me to the corridor,  really worried looking on their faces, and I said,  "I'm fine guys, just grooving."  Then they said would I like them to come to my  room and groove with me, (really a ploy just to get me  the hell out of the public's eye, nearly starkers.  I said, "Naw, I can groove on my own. I was just  checking up on you guys."   I felt totally natural dressed how I was,  so maybe I am getting a little bit eccentric in my  old age?...............  or is it a quarter of a century being in the Who  that has brought me to this?  Who Knows.............  John Rabbit Bundrick 	
Why am I getting worried about Rabbit?
Is it just me, or does he look like he's lost a bunch of weight too?

Kevin in VT

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