Pino quote

L. Bird pkeets at
Tue Aug 24 22:13:21 CDT 2004

Excerpt from an article on guitar playing:

>Guitar is one of those nice things in life that will give you back exactly 
>what you put into it. I was told a story by bass guitarist Pino Palladino. 
>Pino is from South Wales, an area of fiercely proud working class people. 
>When Pino was in his teens his mother asked what he was going to do for a 
>job. Pino said he wanted to be a bass player. His mother said, "Fine, but 
>you’ll work at it like a real job or else find a real job." So Pino worked 
>at it. Like eight hours a day worked at it. Is it any great surprise that 
>Pino Palladino became one of the most sought after, best paid players in 
>the world and well......Pino?

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