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David Huntington huntington at
Mon Aug 23 09:07:54 CDT 2004

This Pino quote from the Bass Player article:

"Even still, there were times during songs when I¹d
suddenly realize I¹m occupying one of the immortal bass
chairs in music, or I¹d look over and see Pete flailing
away and Roger swinging his mike and I¹d be like, What
in the hell? I¹m playing with the Who!"

First off, thanks for the link to the article. It's give me more context to
see how Pino is revered in the music world. But I really love this quote.
When you consider that this is a man who is sought after for his talent
throughout the business to personally blown away at sharing the stage with
Pete and Roger.

Notice too that he called it an "immortal" bass chair. Awkward word choice,
or something more? 

>I personally would not be surprised if we heard Who music being performed from
some of these folks long after Pete and Roger either cannot or will not.    Long
live the music of The Who!


I agree with you. In fact, I can see a world where live performance of this
music becomes an artistic act in and of itself. What I mean by this is that
somehow the live presentation of this music is such a strong element in how
it is heard, that it could outlive the band who originally performed. Yes
Mark, I know, it already has.

But could you imagine sometime in the future, say 2025 just to pick a year,
people buying tickets to see a performance of Tommy or Quadrophenia as more
of a Rock and Roll Opera, not a musical. And the centerpiece of this
performance is the band performing it. Just a weird thought. 

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