All Aboard, The Magic Bus!

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Sat Aug 21 23:05:32 CDT 2004

Funny day,

I go to Best Buy today for a merchandise return and to pick up a
6M RCA cable.  I'm in the home speaker accessories section
when I hear "It's only teenage wasteland.", clear as a bell.

Now the store is buzzing with all kinds of noise, but
I find my cable quickly and try to follow the song to it's source.   I end
up passing through other isles with music, video and just ring tones
that completely mask out the song.  "Am I getting warmer or colder?" I think
to myself.   "They're all wasted!" suddenly breaks through the din.
Ah, it's coming from over there.   Maybe I'll bump into some enlightened
soul that I can chat with.    It's a PC with a music search / sample program
running, and it has The Ultimate Collection queued up with a few
songs listed in the play list.   I grab the mouse and find the volume control
and slide it up for the big Baba finish.   Nice!    There I am at the center
of the storm.   Some guy comes over and offers help.   "Can I help you?" he
offers.   "Yeah, how do I make this louder?"   I question with a smirk.   He
gets the hint to piss off.

I see that Happy Jack is next in the play list,  I happily await the opening
chords, but to my surprise the playlist mode is set to random/shuffle, and
some CSNY tune starts up.   "Hey, that was kind of rude", I think.   I grab
the mouse again and double click on Happy Jack.    I must have looked
like Wayne Campbell nodding my head mumbling, "Excellent!"

I'm thinking that the shuffle mode is going to ruin my day again unless I
can insure that the rest of The Who songs get played in the order I see
in the play list.  I finally locate the play mode control and switch to 
but just before Happy Jack starts up again I double click Magic Bus.

I soak up MB for a while and then move to the check out area, which is
close by.   I'm waiting in line as MB ends.   Then it starts up again, and I
do another *Wayne's World Excellent* with a wide grin at my little prank.

As I exit the store I heard MB queuing up again.    Too funny.   I wonder how
many times it played?

Anywho, I get home and go through my mail.   I see I have a new edition
of Forbes waiting for me.     Before I hear and comments about this, I need
everyone to understand that Forbes is not some right-wing rag.   It's a good
business magazine with some poiniant articles.    This issue has the CEO
of XM Satellite Radio on the cover and an article on Apple and the IPOD.
I start paging through from front to back (a rare thing, because I usually
a *back door man* when it comes to magazines).   A few pages in I see
a double page ad for GM that starts with the line "All Aboard, The Magic Bus".
"Holly, shit!" I think.   The picture below shows the city of Seattle and a
double long hybrid fuel bus.    No other mention of The Who, just about
the gasoline savings of the 235 bus fleet order that Seattle just placed
with GM, and how many cars' emissions that is equivalent to.

I thought I'd share my day of good Who karma.   Hope you enjoyed it.

Joe in Philly

"It's stunned.   The Norweigian Blue stuns easily.  Look at the plumage"
			   - Monty Python

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