The Reasonings for the Seasonings

Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Sat Aug 21 08:40:52 CDT 2004

> Somebody validated your opinion.  


I can't honestly call it "my opinion." There are a lot
of people, a lot of Who fans, who feel the same way.

> What do others think?


I think they're about as visible as they've been at
any point in their career. But of course the scene has
changed. If you mean visible in the youth market, I'd
say almost not at all.

> Look at Pete's work - from Empty Glass to PD - the
same artist? Or his solo acoustic live work.

I think it's as close to what Pete was going for as
we'll ever get. Pete obviously thought he couldn't
pull it off alone, despite evidence like his demos.

> If they'd a quit in 78......what would we have
missed? Was it all bad?

They didn't have to QUIT, but it wouldn't have been
bad if they'd acknowledged the changes instead of
pretending they didn't exist.

> There is a HUGE difference between music being
ballsy and "balls out."


WHY do you feel like you have to take any tiny bit of
possible difference and turn it into a debate? Why
can't just just leave me alone completely? I didn't
oversimplify or interpret or take any of your
statements to extremes. They ARE assumptions,
according to the definition of the word "assumption."

> back and very thoughtful, yet he has some balls out
rockers like Life is a Long 

I thought you said there was a difference. Never mind.

> You always love to attack my opinions as based 

I don't want to debate you at ALL. It's exasperating,
trying to explain the most obvious stuff only to have
you object on some sliver of a possibility or mistaken
idea. Your arguments strongly indicate you haven't
spent time considering them, that they're just a
knee-jerk response. It's just not worth my time.
I've been very clear and stated it very
understandably. At least, others have understood it.
This time you've offered no counter-argument, just
complaints and restatements. Let it go. Use your
"debating skills" on someone else.

> I have devoted so much time to following.

This is your story now. A few years ago you said you'd
only just discovered the band.
While on the other hand I discovered the band in 1969,
and Bowie as well (King Crimson, too). At that point,
I was already deeply interested in music to start
with. So don't cite "time spent devoted" because
you're not even close. I've lived music, been a part
of the process in many varied aspects, for about 35
years now.

Now...bother others with your triviality if you must
and leave me alone.

"The Bush administration's strange combination of
arrogance and incompetence has destroyed the hopes for
a new Iraq."
      Fareed Zakaria, former Iraqi hawk

Cheers         ML

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