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> >perfectly honest, the music of The Who wouldn't have
> been as "balls out" with 
> Bowie, who is artsy and cerebral and wierd.
> This is why I don't believe you know much about
> Bowie's music. He's got plenty of ballsy music, The
> Man Who Sold The World and Pinups for two. And you're
> once again making a huge assumption, unsupported by
> anything, that Pete would have bowed to Bowie but
> Bowie would have stayed exactly the same.


There is a HUGE difference between music being ballsy and "balls out."  I was 
clearly referring to the sheet metal worker, in your face attitude Roger 
brought to the vocals which were essential to what The Who became and why we love 
them.  As you often do, you grossly oversimplify and interpret my comments by 
taking them to absurdly literal extremes.  I never even implied that Bowie had 
NO songs that rocked or that were "in-your-face," but rather that his general 
style didn't reflect that.  For example, Tom Petty's general style is laid 
back and very thoughtful, yet he has some balls out rockers like Life is a Long 
Road, Zero From Outer Space, I Don't Wanna Fight, and No More.  Even you said 
Bowie's albums are more akin to Pete's solo material.  Personally, I'm very 
happy that there wasn't more Who music more like Pete's solo work.  

You always love to attack my opinions as based on "assumptions."  I base my 
opinions on my perceptions of the band that I have devoted so much time to 
following.  They are opinions as valid as yours even if you don't agree.  I think 
a Who with Bowie and not Roger would have been disastrous.  I wouldn't want a 
Bowie-tized Who- I prefer Who songs to Bowie and Townshend solo efforts in a 
HUGE way, so why would I want Who albums with songs sounding more like their 
solo work?  It might have been fantastic music, but not the kind of music that 
gets me off like The Who's music does.


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