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> Sandy:
> >Roger was tired, you could really see it on him. He missed the mic a few
> >times and one time missed hitting Zak in the head by an inch. Zak ducked,
> >Roger looked worried, but it missed him and they both let out a laugh of
> >relief. Don't get me wrong, Roger gave 100%, but he was not totally there.
> >Cindy, you were up frontwith us, maybe you can support what I mean about
> >Roger.
> Yeah, I noticed that too. I wonder if being so tired made him have to work
> even harder than usual at getting his voice to cooperate which made him seem
> pre-occupied and not really smiling or talking much. 
> Can't wait to see your pic's of the show!
> Cindy

I couldn't see his face from our seats, even though in 3rd row terrace, but 
his mood was 100X better at HB than at Shoreline.  You may have read that in my 
review.  He actually spoke much more at HB than at Shoreline.  Remember, 
though, Roger has never been too talkative on stage.  Pete is the one who has 
always done most of that.  

BUT, whatever Roger did to get his voice ready for that show, it was AMAZING. 
 He was spot on all night, and he swung the mic and did his usual Roger arm 
movements much more often and with much more intensity at HB than at Shoreline. 
 If his face may have looked tired, it might just be that he's 60 and 60-yr 
old faces tend to look a bit tired.  From where we were, there was no 
indication of Roger being tired based on his overall performance.


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