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> If they can't let go of 
> the name completely, let them go out as "A Who" or "The Who2", and 
> see what sort of a fan base they can build.  I think it would be 
> large -- heck it might be unchanged from their current draws -- but 
> unfortunately they don't seem to be willing to take that chance.

They aren't in a position to build a fan base at this point.  This is the 
last gasp, I'm afraid.  Pete has discussed the need to work creatively with Roger 
again as The Who in order to finally gain some measure of closure for his own 
emotional well-being.  I remember someone noteworthy telling him this 
(related by Pete in an interview), but his name escapes me.  

This new album we are hoping for is the exclamation point (or period, 
depending on how good it is) for The Who.  Album followed by the REAL farewell tour.  
Roger knows his voice, though pretty damn good right now and up to Who 
standards on most songs, is not going to be there much longer.  I think he wants to 
finish this while he can still do the music justice, then call it quits on The 
Who, and Pete, IMHO, agrees.  To expect them to create some new name and try 
to build anything now is unrealistic.  That's for bands with members in their 
20s or 30s, not The Who.


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