The Who - dead or alive, should've quit....

Steve seeker at
Fri Aug 20 19:15:38 CDT 2004

Steve here in Canada.

Interesting debate on the ingredients of the band, and wonderful 'what ifs' 
when you change players.

One thing for sure, the only constant in life is change, and that is one 
thing the Who have done well.

Mods (yeah, yeah, don't get picky), styles, musical power, live act, 
complexity of compositions, songs to stories, solo efforts, and sound - 
keyboards, backing guitars, Pete's voice, Roger's voice, JAE's voice, and 
even Keith's....

Look at Pete's work - from Empty Glass to PD - the same artist? Or his solo 
acoustic live work.

Or the last few tours - 96 and Quad, with backing guitars, horns, drummer, 
2000 set - close to original as you could ever hope to get, 2002 new 
players, new sound, 2004 two new songs...

If they'd a quit in 78......what would we have missed? Was it all bad?

At least they tried to adapt....

Still are maybe.


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