Who Boston 2002 DVD Review

Joe Lewinski lewinski at icanon.com
Fri Aug 20 17:05:19 CDT 2004

 > Pete wasn't in the best of humors during this concert
either.  Before they launch into three songs from the
aborted Lifehouse project (two of which ended up on
Who's Next) there is an odd exchange between Pete and
a member of the audience who apparently was heckling
the band.  Pete cusses him out, and concludes with
stating "I don't know what band you think you're
following, but sometimes I think you've got the wrong
one."  Later in the set he stops while introducing a
song as says "For F*ck's sake, be quiet.  I'm trying
to concentrate."  He berates the audience a couple of
times for talking, and even threatens to walk off if
people don't shut up.

This is funny.  We love you Magik!   You made it on
an official review!

 >Final Thoughts:

 >Without Keith Moon and John Entwhistle this group
isn't really The Who.

Mark:  Somebody validated you're opinion.  Now can
somebody please explain why they sell Who merchandise
at these shows?

 >Roger Daltry and Pete Townshend
are still talented, but without the other half of the
band they just don't have the energy and power that
the band is known for.

Again, echos of Mark's original position.

 >That being said, this concert was still very enjoyable.  A lot of the 
songs really rock, Roger's voice
is strong and Pete can still play
guitar.  Honestly, this was better than I thought it
would be.  If you already have The Kids are Alright
and Live at the Isle of Wight Festival and are
yearning for more Who concerts on DVD, this disc is

There you have it.  They're enjoyable.  The remaining
members can still perform in a way that makes it
enjoyable to be in the audience.

More proof that it's just a name issue, although he
does not go on to say anything about what they should
or shouldn't call themselves.

IMO, I'd like to buy an official t-shirt with the
Who2 on it.   I'm okay them looking like old men
(at least Pete and Rabbit).   They should sell that
kind of merchandise at concerts, without the choice
of older stuff to compete with the newer stuff.

I hope they cut The Who name loose on the next go round
and include the other band members on album covers,
merchandise, etc.   I believe it was the Vikings that
used to beach then burn their ships so the warriors
had to fight to the death, not having the choice
of going home.    Pete and Roger should do as the
Vikings did!

Joe in Philly 

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