Who Else?

Joe Lewinski lewinski at icanon.com
Fri Aug 20 16:34:21 CDT 2004

Thinking about the discussions of who is The Who and what percent
is left, etc.   It dawned on my that there is this whole musical talent
pool that continues to surround The Who that are not original members
but have made important contributions to shows that I've attended and
consider part of the Whole Who Package.   Their names in no particular
order or with correct spelling include:

Geoff Whitehorn
Phil Palmer
Jody Lindscott
Billy Nichols
Cleveland Watkiss
Peter Hope Evans                - this guy is nuts (in a good way)!
Pino Paladino
Simon Phillips
Simon Townshend
John "Rabbit" Bundrick
Kenny Jones
Zak Starkey
Chucho Merchan

This is already a big family and I didn't even include any horn
players that I saw in 1989 or 1996/1997.

These folks are like the characters in the movie "The Sting" and
will probably drop everything they're doing if they get a call from
Pete, or if Pete touches his nose like Paul Newman did.

I personally would not be surprised if we heard Who music being
performed from some of these folks long after Pete and Roger either
cannot or will not.    Long live the music of The Who!

By the way,  now that I can get streaming media (I have been able for
the past 3 years, but I could not at the time that Pete was performing
Lifehouse at Sadlers Wells), I have been enjoying these from Pete's site:


Joe in Philly 

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