L. Bird pkeets at
Thu Aug 19 15:52:21 CDT 2004

>Bowie is the single artist I can point to who had
about as much influence on Rock music as The Who. If
he had been in the band, it would have been
different...but not worse. And Townshend/Bowie
collaborations might have been pretty incredible.
For future reference, knowing your subject is always a
good idea when you sit down to write about it.

I agree with MC on this one.  Pete's modernist philosopny requires that he 
be a solitary genius, and accordinglly he's said that he had a really hard 
time collaborating with anyone.  Any battle about who would write lyrics 
would have killed the band.  The thing that kept the band together was the 
specialization of labor.  The band members were highly competitive, but they 
respected each other's turf.

We have heard a Bowie/Townshend collaboration, BTW.  Bowie wrote the lyrics 
and Pete played guitar.  It didn't have any particular magic.

Are you thinking they should have tried to collaborate on lyrics, Mark?


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