Hollywood Bowl

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Thu Aug 19 14:08:14 CDT 2004

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<< Larry.....where the heck where you????? >>

Hey Sandy. We missed all the preshow stuff obviously, but did arrive with our 
eyes peeled for the Union Jack dress. No luck. :-( I was looking in your 
direction and saw a tall guy with the '89 tour jacket. (Which I have.) :-) Were 
you near him? We were 3rd row in front of Pete. We should've been right behind 
you. Got some pics but they're from the disposable camera. Might have to scan 
and blow up.
Funny story about my tattoo, we caught people behind us taking pictures of it 
before the show. Very flattering.
Really hope we have an occaision to all hook up again soon Sandy. I know its 
a long shot. I'd love to see an east coast show someday though.
Would love to see your pics if you get a chance. Video?? Cool!

All the best Sandy,


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