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> And as you list the bands, you see
> now that The Who having done this ends up in this list
> of more mediocre bands.

Well I don't know if I would call AC/CD and Pink Floyd mediocre bands. They
are very different bands from each other and from The Who, but I would say
that all three were musical pioneers, regardless of whether their sound is
to your taste. 

Journey and Van Halen were good bands that produced a lot of commercial
success, yet they are mediocre in my opinion.

As for David Bowie, I love the idea of a Bowie/Townshend collaboration. That
could still happen as a matter of fact. I assume you still hold Bowie in
high regard to this day. Question: Has his band stayed the same through all
these years? Granted, David Bowie has performed under his own name so he has
the latitude to change his spots at will without sullying any prior
"commitment" to his fan base.

As for the The Who, I think Scrade's point is spot on. This name is
ultimately about business. It is a brand. To walk away from it, especially
when no one else on earth can claim it, would be "pound foolish." However,
when they go into the studio with this new lineup, I hope to God that no one
in the room is thinking about the glory days of 1975 or trying to live up to
what's been done before. For example, I hope Zack could care less what name
is on the album and care more about what kind of tracks he's laying down.
Same with Daltrey and Townshend et al. 

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