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>Subject: Re: Ingredients
>> To the general public, The Who is more Roger than anyone else.
>Hmmm....that's debatable.  I think it's half Pete, half Rog.

Ya know, had this question been raised about 10-15 years ago, I would
have agreed with it being more Roger than Pete.
It's changed.
I feel like Pete has finally gotten the recognition he's long deserved.

>Most people know Pete's the songwriter/guitarist & Rog is the singer.
In fact, maybe it leans more toward 60% Pete, 40% 
>Rog.  I think if you asked people who the "leader" of The Who is, most
would say Pete.

That's if they remember his name!
While I stand by what I wrote above, I don't think as many people
actually know Pete's name as they do Roger.
Strange indeed, and just my HO (no scientific research available to
support my O.  ?)

>Plus, it's their *jobs.*  Their livelihood.  As harsh as it sounds, I
think we sometimes lose sight of that.

Nice job, eh?
At the same time, every job has it's customer.
There's a point in there somewhere.

>From: "Scott Schrade" <schrade at>
>Subject: Re: Parts is Parts...
>"Lenny" could play WGFA better than "Sak" currently is.

heh, heh.
Just making sure you're paying attention. 

>I disagree.


>OX's playing had...


>...a lot to do with his mind, his mentality, as opposed to strictly his
ability & technique.  It's one thing to be able to >closely duplicate
someone's style, it's quite another to know *when,* in the song, those
duplications should occur.

Yes, but given The Who's current set is comprised of past songs (except
2), John's "when" could easily be duplicated and memorized.  Not that
I'd want that by any measure.

>No more OX means no more OX-like bass playing.  Ever.  Thank god for
the recordings.

But I was just making the point that changing the singer would be a more
readily recognizable change than changing the bass player.

Kevin in VT

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