Hollywood Bowl

Cindy McConnell cmcconnell at data-tronics.com
Thu Aug 19 10:59:38 CDT 2004

> Roger was tired, you could really see it on him. He missed the mic a few
> times and one time missed hitting Zak in the head by an inch. Zak ducked,
> Roger looked worried, but it missed him and they both let out a laugh of
> relief. Don't get me wrong, Roger gave 100%, but he was not totally there.
> Cindy, you were up frontwith us, maybe you can support what I mean about
> Roger.

Yeah, I noticed that too. I wonder if being so tired made him have to work
even harder than usual at getting his voice to cooperate which made him seem
pre-occupied and not really smiling or talking much. 

Can't wait to see your pic's of the show!


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