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Thu Aug 19 08:58:37 CDT 2004

> Do you put the Stones in this category because of
Bill Wyman & Brian Jones?  I would not, but that's
just my opinion.


I don't because of Brian Jones. I love the Jones
period, especially from Between The Buttons through
Let It Bleed. I think Brian was a large part of why I
like that period, in fact. But they replaced him with
Mick Taylor, who added something to the band
too...allowing them to continue making great music
(Exile is their best IMHO) through Goat's Head Soup.
But when they then replaced Taylor with Ron Wood, I
think they took a turn for the worst. Wood's great,
but he's a Keith (Richards) clone and he actually
shrank the band's musical horizons.
As for Wyman, by then it didn't to me matter because
of Wood.
While we're on the subject, I was fortunate enough to
have a Stones CD I've been trying to find for years
come into my store yesterday. And it's well worth
finding if you're a big Stones fan. When Hot Rocks was
originally released on CD, it was two separate discs.
The first of which is the ONLY place you can get
stereo versions of Satisfaction, Play With Fire,
Mother's Little Helper and others.
It's on London, but also has the Abkco symbol, and is
called Hot Rocks 1. It has better sound quality than
the recently released SACD remasters.

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