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Humorous take on "Today in History."  Good thing Pete got over this.   ;)

Thursday, August 19, 2004
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Today in History

One Year Ago Today: In a nationally televised performance that astounds more 
than 38 million viewers, magician David Copperfield makes all the 
justifications for the Iraqi war completely disappear.

1996: Though lacking a populace, borders or a standing army, Internet 
start-up eCountry is named "most powerful nation on Earth."

1985: In a triumph of brand marketing, rocker John Cougar somehow decides 
that Mellencamp is a cooler rock star name than Cougar.

1982: Pete Townshend gets old before he dies.

1974: Toledo, Ohio, man keeps pushing it. Gets his ass kicked.

1968: In a move that embitters the nation, actress Jane Fonda travels to 
Vietnam and divulges American secrets of "layering" hair to Viet Cong hosts.

1957: New York National Guard mobilized when interior of suburban tract home 
in Scarsdale painted something other than Navajo White.

1945: More than 70,000 residents of Nagasaki are lost to atomic warfare when 
inscrutable Japanese obstinately refuse to adopt simple "duck and cover" 
safety policy.

1938: A panicked citizenry lights up the nation's switchboards when Orson 
Welles performs the fictional A Town Where Negroes Vote during the popular 
Mercury Theater of the Air.

1933: Appearing before the Reichstag, Hitler blames "filthy and subhuman 
Lutherans" for Germany's humiliating economic woes in a fiery speech that 
will undergo extensive revision in the months to come.

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