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Wed Aug 18 19:59:06 CDT 2004

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> What was
> your reaction when you heard Journey got a coverband
> singer? Was your first reaction "They have a right to
> do that." or more like "Heh! Losers!"?


You're kidding right? No I suppose not. I've never been a big fan of
Journey. Don't hate them, just don't keep up with them much. I'm embarrassed
to admit I did not even know Steve Perry was replaced. But I don't consider
myself qualified to say whether that means they're still Journey. As a
casual 80s listener, I would say that Neil Schon (sp?) and Perry were the
central personalities of the band, hell I even know their names, kind of.
But, did he (Perry) die or just not want to sing with them anymore, or
couldn't sing with them anymore? I think that's an important distinction.
Did a lot of hard core Journey fans move along with the new lineup or reject
it? That too is important. As for me, they can have the name Journey no
matter how it went down. It doesn't mean a whole lot to me.

Judas Priest? Once again, not too qualified to say. However, what about
AC/DC? They changed singers mid career didn't they, and I'd say, the latter
singer made a fair contribution to core identity of AC/DC.  On the other
hand, Sammy Hagar totally trashed whatever cred Van Halen had. What about
Pink Floyd? Wasn't that a controversial name to tour under at some point? In
fact that may be the closest analogous situation we have to the Who, no? Did
that touring unit have the right to retain the name?

And isn't there a difference between the death of a member, and the
voluntary change of lineup?

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