Scott Schrade schrade at
Wed Aug 18 17:29:45 CDT 2004

> To the general public, The Who is more Roger than anyone else.

Hmmm....that's debatable.  I think it's half Pete, half Rog.  Most people
know Pete's the songwriter/guitarist & Rog is the singer.  In fact, maybe
it leans more toward 60% Pete, 40% Rog.  I think if you asked people
who the "leader" of The Who is, most would say Pete.

> They started it and own it, and it's their lives not ours. Just because we 
> have some romantic vision of the perfect rock combo brought together 
> by divine intervention or the serendipitous confluence of fate, does not 
> mean that they have to buy into that too.

Plus, it's their *jobs.*  Their livelihood.  As harsh as it sounds, I think we
sometimes lose sight of that.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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