Scott Schrade schrade at
Wed Aug 18 17:23:37 CDT 2004

> Well, imagine Long John Baldry. Eric Burdon. Colin
> Blunstone. Adam Faith. David Bowie. Etc. 

This is getting silly.  Imagine this person, imagine that person......
The Who are allowed to be called The Who today because
Pete & Rog are the main members (whatever that means).
There.  Said.

> One can only imagine the riches we'd have gotten if we had, 
> say, two songwriters the caliber of Bowie and Townshend in 
> the same band. 

You've lost your mind.  Another "songwriter" would've meant
less "Townshend" Who songs.  You call that missed "riches?"

> Refer to the new IOW DVD's interview.

Yeah, Pete's a fuckhead sometimes, too.  I'm gonna post some
transcripts from that interview.  He's out of his mind just like
you, Mark!  Talking about, "I never wanted to be in The Who."
"I was in the wrong band."  All those cockamamey outbursts
that drive adoring fans like Joe Lewinsky up a wall.  Really.....

> Thatcher?

No, we just kissed.


> Yeah, a "kinda Who." Not a "Who." 

Kinda like you're "kinda Mark."  Not like the old Mark.  
That young, at-his-peak Mark that we held in such high regard.
Remember him?  Gone.  You should call yourself Mark2.
You're tarnishing your good name.  Let the old Mark go.  It's
over, Johnny.  You're Mark2.  And hire Tony Butler to work
in your store.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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