Hollywood Bowl

Jdtr006 at aol.com Jdtr006 at aol.com
Wed Aug 18 16:02:47 CDT 2004

Hi guys!
I was going to wait on this review till my videos and PICS were up, but that 
might take a little while longer. The pre-show was excellent, "The Who Show" 
were really great. If anyone has the chance to see these guys, please do. They 
have the sound and the moves. Roey has a great voice. Talked to him after the 
concert, really nice guy, he said they were thinking of doing some eat coast 
things. So that would be nice for all us out here. It was so nice to meet Jo, 
she is so sweet. MC, I am so sorry I missed you. I think we got there around 
4:30. Jo and I both won some really cool stuff, posters, shirts, etc. Just a 
wonderful time!
The concert started 1 1/2 hours late. I know Rod Stewart was in the audience 
(have PIC to post later) and I was told Eric Clapton was there also. Front row 
was awesome and did get video. A couple fights broke out with people trying 
to get up from the back rows. Nice crowd, but not as lively a crowd as I am use 
to. Maybe it was front row, most of the people sat through the show. So 
The Who was there terrific self. Pete was possessed, he was all over the 
stage, his energy level was way up there. More windmills then I ever seen him do 
at a show. When he machined gunned the front row with his guitar, it blew me 
away. He had that "Pete look" on his face most of the show. His eyes closed so 
tight, concentrating on that guitar. Roger's voice was in top form, I was 
surprised after all the reviews of shows before this. He must have really nursed 
it. Pete had his water bottle, but I noticed Roger had his mug of honey. Roger 
was tired, you could really see it on him. He missed the mic a few times and 
one time missed hitting Zak in the head by an inch. Zak ducked, Roger looked 
worried, but it missed him and they both let out a laugh of relief. Don't get me 
wrong, Roger gave 100%, but he was not totally there. Cindy, you were up front 
with us, maybe you can support what I mean about Roger. Short show guys, they 
were on and off in a blink. Wow, this has gotten too long, sorry. Will let 
everyone know when PICS and video is ready.....Sandy
Larry.....where the heck where you?????

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