Frate, Chris (EM, PTL) chris.frate at
Wed Aug 18 08:27:32 CDT 2004

>Well, imagine Long John Baldry. Eric Burdon. Colin
>Blunstone. Adam Faith. David Bowie. Etc. There are
>countless possibilities, including (I hate to even put
>this in your mind) Rod "the Mod" Stewart.

All I know is not one of those guys can do the "Yeah!" (WGFA), and for me that's enough to secure Roger's place. This list (or some other gathering of Who afficionados)is the only place an argument like this could even have legs. To the general public, The Who is more Roger than anyone else. He could go out alone and still be The Who to them, as long as he called it The Who. Another thing is that no one seems to realize is that The Who is Roger and Pete's to do with what they want. They started it and own it, and it's their lives not ours. Just because we have some romantic vision of the perfect rock combo brought together by divine intervention or the serendipitous confluence of fate, does not mean that they have to buy into that too.

-Chris in Cleveland

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